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Fee Structure Explained

Many professional services include a fee base structure to access their knowledge.

Just like lawyers, psychologists, plumbers, electricians, and mechanics, Style 4U charges travel planning fees to compensate for the expertise, time, and personalized services provided in creating

customized itineraries and ensuring a seamless travel experience for our clients. 

I don’t charge for the initial consultation, but once my client and I choose to work with each other the fee helps to cover my time doing research, presenting options, adjusting to better fit my client, doing the actual booking, invoicing, all the follow-up & verifying plus dealing with any issues while you are on vacation. 

The fees help support my ongoing training, staying up-to-date with industry trends, and attending destination and vendor training sessions to provide the best possible recommendations and experiences.

After my initial training and exams on average I attend and participate in destination and vendor training 3 times a week, this is on my own time and dime. 

Did you know that Travel Specialists do not get paid salary or hourly wages? Travel Vendors, hotels, cruises, tours, build in a small commission into all their prices (which the traveler pays no matter if they do the bookings themselves, or not) and 30 days after you return from your trip is when I receive my payment for all the work during the planning and booking process.

Did you know the average prepackaged simple trip for a family of 4 can take roughly 5-7 hours of my time to put together?

Did you know Airlines have eliminated compensation payment to travel agents, in order to cut costs and to improve their profit margins in a competitive field. In order to provide a personalized and seamless service to my clients, on any non packaged flights there is a $75 fee per ticket.

For the personalized and customized itineraries, it can take up to 3 times the time, so that is why I have a laddered fee schedule which is a benefit to you my clients as it gives me the freedom  to make supplier recommendations  based on value to my clients, rather than commissions

Fee Structure: Text

Planning fees will be paid after your free consultation, 
Fees are non-refundable 

Fee Schedual

All Inclusive Vacation Packages

$100.00 CND per room (Waived if prepackaged) $300.00 for groups over 5 rooms

Cruise Packages

$300.00 for groups over 5 rooms


Cruise Land/Sea Packages

$75.00CND per room. (Waived if prepackaged)

$400.00 for groups over 5 rooms

Personalized & Customized Packages

$100.00CND per room. $600.00 for groups over 5 rooms.

Air Fare Only - 

$75.00CND per person. NON REFUNDABLE

Travel Insurance  

$25.00CND per person. NON REFUNDABLE

Fee Structure: Hours
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