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Why book a Cruise with Dianna?

My love of cruising started in 1992 on my honeymoon, since then I have grown with the cruising industry going from cruising as a young couple in their early 20s to cruising as a mom cruising through all the stages of childhood, from baby to adult son, and back to cruising as a couple.

I have sailed the Mediterranean Caribbean Alaska Mexican Riviera the Pacific coast and South America.

I’ve done 7, 10, 14 and even a 32-day cruise. I’ve done back-to-back sailings of multiple ships' sailing packages that combine land and sailing. My personal experiences are enhanced by the cruise specialist training that I have received from cruise lines such as Royal Caribbean Princess MSC Celebrity Carnival Norwegian Holland America and Celebrity.

My training does not stop it is continual. 

As new itineraries and ships come online my training evolves.

Ocean Cruising: Text

Style 4 U Travel is a Cruise Specialist

Style 4U Travel & Dianna offers great deals on cruises.

These are great options for couples, families, and large groups.

With exclusive access to special rates and vouchers,

my clients are guaranteed to receive the best value while paying the lowest rates possible.

Browse the 3 most popular cruise destinations,

and don't forget you can sail Asia, the South Pacific, the Middle East so many places to see!

Get ready for the best vacation of your life. 

Mediterranean Cruise

The sun-kissed shores of the Caribbean are calling. Relax on gorgeous white sand beaches surrounded by crystal clear waters, discover the ancient treasures of the Mayans, or let your cares melt away while relaxing to steel drum melodies. Find the best Caribbean cruise to suit your vacation desires.

Its the perfect vacation for the whole family. Get on board and have the time of your life!

Get in touch with me to learn about my special rates.

Caribbean Cruise

Alaskan Cruise

The Alaskan Cruise I offer is guaranteed to be an unforgettable experience for the whole family.

Come discover a whole new world aboard a majestic cruise ship. This incredible cruise opportunity is a great chance to have an amazing time while creating new and lasting memories.

Get in touch with me to learn about my special rates.

Ocean Cruising: Cruises

Enjoy navigating through crystal-blue waters when you embark on a journey aboard the Mediterranean

Unforgettable views, unbelievable food, and all around great experiences await you on this popular cruise get-away. 

And while you're visiting many of the different ports on the Mediterranean and their surrounding cities, you'll never have to unpack your suitcase. Everything will remain in your spacious cabin, sparing you the hassle of checking in and out of hotels throughout your European vacation.

Get in touch today and ask me about the special packages and discount rates I have available.

Tropical Island
Cold Mountians
Dianna in the Caribbean

 Ocean Cruising

Fasting growing travel experience for Canadians. 

Until you have watched the sunset on the ocean horizon and seen the star’s twinkle reflected off the great waters, you don’t know what you are missing.


Cruising is a style of travel that you are sure to fall in love with.


On a cruise, you unpack once and your floating hotel takes you from city to city or from island to island. Every morning, you'll wake up in a new place.

Can't decide between St. Lucia and Barbados, or Italy or Spain?

Why choose? Pick an itinerary that visits all the cities on your wish list.


Always wanted to visit Asia but are nervous about the language barrier? 

Curious about the Middle East, but nervous about country customs? 

A cruise is one of the best ways to see the most exotic and foreign destinations in this world in an easy way. 


Take the family on-board a cruise that has something magical for every member no matter the age.

Explore the shores of Europe in a truly original way with a river cruise where the views outside your window are history coming to life.


Cruising is more than just laying by the pool and eating in a cafeteria style eatery.

Fine dining, heaps of on-board activities, entertainment that gives Broadway a run for its money and more.

What are you waiting for? Plan your cruise today!

Ocean Cruising: My Services

Ocean Cruises we planned 

These are some of the great Ocean cruises our team put together for happy, relaxed clients

Calm Waters
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