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Some of the Itineraries we have put together in 2023

In 2023, Dianna & Style 4U Travel  hit its stride, honing in on our expertise as Cruise and Adventure Travel Specialists. While our repertoire initially leaned towards simple cruises and all-inclusive packages, we've since delved into crafting more intricate and adventurous vacations. Below, we proudly showcase a selection of our favourite curated experiences.

Click the pictures or titles  to explore copies of the detailed itinerary planners.



This bespoke itinerary was meticulously tailored to the unique preferences and budget of our clients, who allocated $15,000 for their travel experience. We curated a selection of specific activities and attractions based on their desires, ensuring every aspect of their journey was personalized to perfection.


Our clients, spanning multiple generations and hailing from three different countries, came together to commemorate a remarkable 60th wedding anniversary. Opting for a cruise, they found it to be the ideal choice, perfectly aligning with everyone's budget while catering to their diverse social and entertainment preferences.

Hula Dancer Doll
Surfing in Australia


A single father, accompanied by his adventurous daughter, a self-proclaimed "Swifty," and his thrill-seeking son, ventured from Canada to Australia for their inaugural family vacation. Their carefully crafted itinerary encompassed cultural experiences, thrilling concerts, adrenaline-pumping adventures, and a plethora of aquatic activities, ensuring an unforgettable journey Down Under.


Our clients marked their 15th wedding anniversary and 40th birthday milestone by fulfilling a long-held dream: exploring the enchanting landscapes of Scotland. Embarking on a self-drive journey from Edinburgh to Glasgow, they immersed themselves in the rich tapestry of Scottish culture, indulging in the flavors and sights of regions famed for Nessie sightings, exquisite whiskey distilleries, and the allure of Outlander.

Castle Scotland


Our clients desired one final family getaway before their daughter embarked on her college journey. Despite the last-minute nature of the plan, we ensured every detail was meticulously attended to for this 13-day excursion. Fulfilling the lifelong dream of the father, we curated an unforgettable experience that exceeded their expectations. It was truly rewarding to assist this incredible family in turning their aspirations into cherished memories, marking the beginning of their new chapter in life.

Ancient Ruins
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